NEW:  14 December 2018 - FAB Christmas Party, with exhibition by Michèle Francillon, Stubenbastei 12/14, 1010 Vienna

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17 October 2018 - Styrian evening, with exhibition, ValEUR, Society Values for Europe, Wipplingerstrasse, 1010 Vienna

27 June 2018 - Jour Fixe, exhibition with the start-up XuendR, ValEUR, Society Values for Europe, Wipplingerstrasse, 1010 Vienna

April - September 2018 - From the Soul to the Rythm by Michèle Francillon, Exhibition at Peter Walter KunstRaum, Klosterneuburg

7 March 2018 - Jour Fixe, vernissage, ValEUR, Society Values for Europe, Wipplingerstrasse 20, 1010 Vienna

13 December 2017 - "La couleur des songes", reading by Michèle Francillon, BelleArti Salon, Radetzskystrasse 5, 1030 Vienna

12-13-14 December 2017 - Belgian Art in Vienna - Belgische Kunst in Wien, BelleArti Salon, 1030 Vienna

18 May 2017 - Itinerary by Michèle Francillon, painting exhibition at Commonroom, Florianigasse 54, 1080 Vienna

08 April 2017 - VIS looks to Ibero-America, painting workshop for kids, Vienna International School, 1220 Vienna

09 - 20 January 2017 - "HISPANIOLA", Art Exhibition by Jerson Jimenez & Michèle Francillon, Vienna International Centre, UNO City, Vienna

03 October 2016 - 08 March 2017 -  Exhibition "RATHAUS PROJECT", Die Rathaus Galerie, Hauptstrasse 35, Eisenstadt

21 - 25 November 2016 - UNIDO 50th Anniversary, Haitian Art Exhibition, Vienna International Centre, Vienna

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"A piece of art is not only beautiful,
it's deeper than that..."

From the Soul to the Rhythm

Life carried me to the four corners of the world. I left America, my native Caribbean island, for Africa and then Europe.

I’m a voyager, sometimes expatriate or exiled but never uprooted. Optimistic explorer, I am moved and amazed along the way, I discover, I hop, I get stunned and sometimes lost. Realistic expatriate, I stop and reflect, halt on my way for my eyes to rest, I am surprised, bewildered, I discover myself and then rediscover again, I learn...

I wander between two worlds; exile is both a prison and a land of conquest. I groan in the rain and mist, I smile at the rainbows and the star of the day.

Through our sufferings and longing, we discover the best of ourselves, we see things differently. By meeting people from all over the world, living in an international environment, we open ourselves to the world, we permeate and enrich ourselves.

We only have one family, with no exceptions but we can choose families of adoption. Here lies the beauty of the journey, its richness and ecstasy.

And then there is art, an unrelenting harness, an attentive companion, from rambles to shores, which considers passion and conjugates love, at the past, present and near perfect tenses.


It is the lively, ambivalent, and heterogeneous expression of the expatriate traveller; a composite gathering nurtured by cradle and heredity, but in the end of people met and routes shared, those who forge lasting bonds, reinvent the family and seal friendships.

I am multiple, I am the other
I am from here, out of nowhere and everywhere
My path is mine, my road is yours
I am me, I am you.

I am the fruit of my journey more than of my roots


translated from French by Christophe Marianne


I am the fruit of my journey more than of my roots
— Michèle Francillon
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Freedom, Oil & collage on canvas 200x90cm

Freedom, Oil & collage on canvas 200x90cm

Whisper of the soul, Oil & Collage on canvas 70x60cm

Whisper of the soul, Oil & Collage on canvas 70x60cm

Coucher de soleil blanc, Oil on canvas 50x40cm

Coucher de soleil blanc, Oil on canvas 50x40cm

Shades of blue, Acrylic & Oil + collage 200x80cm

Shades of blue, Acrylic & Oil + collage

Au rythme du folklore, Oil & collage 200x90cm

Au rythme du folklore, Oil & collage 200x90cm

Noces de brouillard, Oil on canvas 50x40cm

Noces de brouillard, Oil on canvas

2016      Oct-November  Pertschy Hotel Wien, Ausstellung, Habsburgergasse 5, 1010 Vienna 

2016      October              Die Lange Nacht der Museen 2016, Rathaus Project, Die Rathaus Galerie, Eisenstadt, Austria

2016      June                    Thoughts of Colour, Lateinamerika-Institut, Palais Schlick - 1090 Vienna

2016      March                  RenouveauInstitut français de Slovaquie - Francúzsky inštitút na Slovensku, Bratislava, Slovakia

2015      November           Hope for Haiti, Vienna International Centre / United Nations  -  Vienna, Austria

2015      May                      Renouveau, Odaada gallery, 1070 Vienna

2013      July                      Michele Francillon (Quilts), Galerie Benedict, 1010 Vienna

2009     April                     Maison Sahélienne, Innendekor aus Westafrika, Art Hotel Vienna, 1050 Vienna

2008     Oct-December   Im Geiste der Dogons, Galerie Pannae Fragole, Waidhofen an der Ybbs (Austria)

2008     Oct-November.  SIAO - International Art and Craft Fair, Pavillon de la Créativité, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

2008                                 Mizrahi Fine Arts, Seilerstaette 28, A-1010 Vienna

Colours of Whispers By Laura Gil

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Renouveau - Brastislava, Institut Français de Slovaquie, 3-16 mars 2016.
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Michele Francillon was born in Haiti, of a painter and a seamstress. Her artistic passion goes back to her childhood as she got into materials, textures and colors very early. As a young adult, she discovered design and fashion shows, which brought up opportunities to rub shoulders with some prominent artists.

Michele comprehends art in many ways, hybrid art inspired by many travels. Painting, fashion design, patchwork, interior deco, poetry ... everything is a pretext for creation, whether textile, pictorial or literary. She believes that “Signs and words have travelled through time to reveal our roots”.

Always in search of new horizons, Michele explores the world and strives to enrich her artistic universe. Her passion for art is stronger than anything else.